Our Mission

Sounds of Savings aims to fight depression through music.

  • Increase Awareness – Through events, videos, lectures and other partnerships

  • Increase Solidarity – Providing a platform for high profile individuals to share how they have been impacted by and coped with depression

  • Increase Funding – To organizations that provide accurate diagnoses, alternative therapies and offer education or guidance to sufferers, families and friends of those impacted by depression and suicidal thoughts.

Funds that are raised will help us build further awareness for suicide, depression and addiction and subsequently increase our brand profile.  We will also put on events where we discuss mental health, ensuring that every concert we assist with that a mental health professional is accessible.  Eventually we will work with communities and hospitals to support with appropriate music related resources.

About SOS Music 

SOS was founded by Nick Greto in late 2017 after releasing the initial episode of the web series.  Our fundraising efforts are localized but not limited to NY/PA.