SOSlist #1 - by the Mike Raimo Family

Leading up to the launch of our very first episode on March 19th, we would like to present to you: SOSlists, a monthly playlist curated by select non-musicians.  After all, music can heal, even if you don't play an instrument.  

I am honored that our first list was created by Mike Raimo’s widowed wife, Michele, and their four children. To me the project had to start with a contribution by my uncle Mike's family, since they were the inspiration for the whole thing.   Please read and listen to their message below.  


"Stevie Nicks opens a live version of "Landslide" with, “This is for you, Daddy…”

This playlist is for our dad—featuring songs from the track lists of the hundreds of CDs that filled a tall wooden bookcase in our back room. Some of these songs remind our mother of her true love and best friend.  A handful of these songs are printed on Dad's records from when he was teenager—records that he later thought were water-damaged from a basement flood, but that miraculously still work today. The sleeves are wrinkled and stained, but the records still play. We know he's somewhere listening in, happy that they do. 

Dad loved these songs—he played them often…and loudly. This playlist is mostly a soundtrack of our family parties and get-togethers—songs that dad would blast through the speakers, and songs that he would force a niece or a nephew to sing with him during karaoke.

Then, there are songs that he may not have heard during his 50 years physically in this realm, but that help us cope with losing him. We feel his presence through these songs.

This is for you, Daddy."

—Kerri Ann Raimo