#PlaylistsThatHeal 010 X Sara Laufer

SoSlists is a monthly playlist curated by select humans that work in and/or love music who acknowledge its healing powers.  This month's list is by photographer Sara Laufer.

Music has always been central in my life and provided escape, fostered bonds with friends and family, and has been the closest thing to me in periods of isolation. Making this playlist was therapeutic in and of itself: remembering love and loss and the songs that accompanied these experiences throughout my life. The moments leading up to the death of my grandmother was Death Cab for Cutie's "What Sarah Said". Driving my car in my hometown (my car the only place I've ever been able to sing out loud) I would listen to Local Natives and belt my heart out, waiting to pick up my little sister from her karate classes. My brothers would pick me up from elementary school and I would ask them, my first musical influences, what songs they were playing in the car. I took notes and embarked on my first cd-purchasing hunt to collect the Killers discography. I grew into my own taste and made some of the songs included in this playlist my best friends.

My adolescence was built upon an extreme dedication to my favorite bands, extensive consumption of every video, interview, lyric analysis available. My closest friends and relationships have been built upon mutual enjoyment, musing, and making memories with the music we love. It makes a lot of sense to me that now, age 23, my career in photography and film has centered itself largely around musicians. I love the process of visualization that comes with listening to and feeling songs. Meeting the musicians who have shaped so many important developments within myself continues to be one of my greatest pleasures.

This playlist serves as a tribute to growing up and growing through significant parts of my life. Many of the songs I've included I have discovered in the past few years, through college and through my current relationship (shoutout to Jake). I hope the songs resonate with others too, whether to help induce a much-needed cry or getting you to dance and focus on the beauty comes from listening and feeling.

-Sara Laufer

Sara Laufer is a photographer and cinematographer based in New York. She is fascinated with ideas of memory, expression, and visual culture. 

She recently graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Film and minor in Art History. She has worked at Milk Studios' LEGS Media and Panavision New York, and is Co-Founder of visual arts magazine VISCERAL8.