matt gross

SoSlist #4 by Matt Gross

SoSlists is a monthly playlist curated by select humans that work in and/or love music who acknowledge its healing powers.  This month's list is by Matt Gross.  

Probably the most difficult moment of my adult life took place a little over three years ago when my dog Cooper passed on a frigid, snowy January evening. I didn't really grow up with dogs. My family always had pets but mostly the non-furry kind, i.e. fish, iguanas, birds, oh and hermit crabs (!). I adopted Cooper in my mid-20s and he totally changed my world. A brown-and-white, happy-go-lucky pit bull who spent the first few years of his life in an assortment of undesirable situations, he was nearly 80 pounds and had the warmest, most loving personality. He changed my perception of pretty much everything, all the while grounding and teaching me every single day. I miss him waking me up at 4am for the early bird special by jumping up and down repeatedly until he was fed. I miss his body sprawled out on top of mine while we slept and he snored - loudly, so incredibly loudly. I miss his incessant, wet, sloppy kisses. I miss walking around the park with him. I miss it all. Some days I try to brush away the sadness, some days I have no choice but to cave. Here are some songs that have helped me along the journey. 

-Matt Gross

Matt Gross is a music publicist, former blogger, current DJ and influencer living in NYC.